Puerto Rico Beach Session

This is what happens when you’re best friend is a bombshell, lives in a Paradise, and is madly in love with her husband!! Its pure magic!! 

The night before we had planned to wake up at 4am, get makeup & hair done before 6pm and head to the beach but to be honest, I didn’t think we were going to make it! We went to bed late and you now who it goes with the husbands, they aren’t into photos as much as we girls are!  

My husband didn’t make it but hers did and I’m so glad we gave up those couples extra hours of sleep because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to take these dream beach photos! 

Enjoy them and if you want a vacation, do yourself a favor a go explore Puerto Rico. You won’t regret it! 

Kananaskis Engagement photos

I ‘met’ Chelsea on instagram! We exchanged a few likes and then she contacted me to take her engagement photos. I have to admit I got very excited after seeing her photos with Mark, I could tell right away how much they love each other. 

We met at Mount Engadine Lodge (and by the way, you have to spend at least two nights there) and then we started our adventure in the Spray Valley Provincial Park. 

The result of the adventure: These beautiful images than talk by themselves! 

Bianca & Mirko - Rome, Italy

All we wanted was a couple from Rome that would let me take photos of them. Well… I got much more than that! We met up at a coffee shop, chat a little bit and then headed to the Colosseum. Took some photos. Rain. Went for dinner. Rain. Walked to the car. 

We run out of light to soon so I asked them if they would be able to do the same next day!! They said yes!! 

Met up. Snapped some photos. Film. Went for dinner. Waited 1 hour to get into the restaurant. Best Pizza we’ve eaten in our lives. Wine. A lot of wine. Them singing Italian anthem. Us singing Colombian Anthem. Got into the car. Drove home. Went to bed thinking: “that was the best evening of our trip”.

All we wanted was a good-looking couple… we got much more than that! We got new friends with amazing hearts! 

Thanks guys! :) 

Juan & Ang. 

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